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Thursday, October 27, 2005

de Proeftuin

Experience in ‘de Proeftuin’ (Garden of Taste) how culinary the Chinese kitchen can be. Within the walls of this garden we pay attention to every detail.

Before your arrival we searched for the ultimate combinations of wines and dishes to satisfy your senses, we considered how to make you feel at ease and we created an atmosphere for you to enjoy thoroughly.

The door is open, all you have to do is to enter.

de Proeftuin

Friday, April 01, 2005

el sotano


You can expect a sociable evening.

The set-up of our menu card is appropriate to our guests.
Our speciality is roast of fish and meat.

Our restaurant is also child friendly. If they want it's even possible the children help with preparing the food in our open kitchen. It frequently happens that the deserts are made by the children themselves. We work constantly for improving our quality and service and hope that we are a clear supplement of the offer in the horeca in Enkhuizen. We distinguished us in environment, menu card and the fact that we always process everything as fresh as posible.



The construction year and first owner of the monumetale building are unfortunately unknown.
First report descends from 1678,
in which year it was rebuild after a large fire to be used as logement by the VOC chamber of Amsterdam.
These used this building for their meetings in enkhuizen.



Friday, January 28, 2005

De Mastenbar

De Mastenbar
Located at the Compagnieshaven 3, theme Vis, Grill

Reservations: 0228 - 31 36 91 Accommodation for groups: max 120 Free parking (20 spots).

Wapen Van Enkhuizen

De Boei

De Boei

De Mastenbar

De Mastenbar


Restaurant Stadscafé WaterMusic

Tussen 2 havens 9, 1601 EM Enkhuizen, tel. 0228-325780, fax 0228-324971

This restaurant is located between 2 of the many harbours in Enkhuizen. The view on the harbours and the IJselmeer is fantastic.

The restaurant has both smoking and non smoking areas, the kitchen also serves various vegetarian meals.

Their specialise in season depending dishes.

Price indication:
Small dish € 9.65: Main course € 18.75
Lunch- en dagmenu (different each day) € 24.75

Located next to the train station and the VVV, between the Buitenhaven and the Veerhaven.


De Smederij

De Smederij

Het Monument

Het Monument

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Chinese restaurant Lotus

Always crowded and popular both for their style and their take away.

Westerstraat 95, Enkhuizen
T: 0228 - 31 35 38


Balkan style restaurant close to the train station.

Restaurant Desimir, Enkhuizen - Restaurantgids Dinner Site

de Gouwe Groef

In the center of Enkhuizen de Gouwe Groef is established in a monumental building from ca.1640.

Enjoy contemporary courses both flesh and fish in nostalgic surroundings, you can choose to dine at a table or from the eating-bar with a view on the kitchen.

Restaurant de Gouwe Groef


Traditional mood and honesty, in everything: in the products, in the construction and in the contact with the team of employees. here you know what you will get and gets nothing else. Everywhere you look you see the special attention we give everything.

Our Frans-dutch kitchen menu offers you a large variety of choices in courses and ingredients, quality and creativity stand high by our standards. Establishment offers no modern clubsandwich, but a honest uitsmijter or a fantastic broodje gezond. Also for a cup coffee or breakfast your at the right address, as from ten in the morning.

The monumental building was a klompenmakerij(wooden shoes) in former times and a coffee burner. Those shoes have disappeared from the street picture and coffee at present is from laurentis, but the mentality is still the same!


d' Alsace

This pearl under the sky of restaurants has been kept as a good secret. Established in the middle of in the centre of Enkhuizen in a monumental building with a characteristic style.

Restaurant d' Alsace

Monday, January 03, 2005


Restaurant Markerwaard in the heart of Enkhuizen.
Here we revive the times of the VOC. On walking distance of ports, museums, curiosities and the train station. Enkhuizen stand guarantor for sociable day out. Nothing is more delicious than to spoil yourself with a sociable diner after a nice day like that.

Dikke Mik

Eetcafé Dikke Mik

Die Drie Haringhe

Die Drie Haringhe

De Admiraal

Restaurant De Admiraal



brasserie chezpierre


EL Sotano


The style of EL-SOTANO is friendly, informal and gezellig.

In the summer they have A nice terras (in the sun) on the dijk.




The wonderful website of restaurant koomen gives us a clear view of the large variety of things you can eat there.

De Weegschaal

"De Weegschaal" is a very nice family business. Catering, restaurant and a lunchroom all in one. Located in The Westerstraat-139 in Enkhuizen. Prices are incredibly friendly. It's worth a visit.

Visit De Weegschaal >>>

  • The Snouck van Loosen Park The Snouckvanloosen family left us a lot of amazing structures, among which this park they had build for their workers.
  • Wilhelmina plantsoen This park was opened by and named after our former queen Wilhelmina. The park has a lot of new and monumental features like statues, a small zoo and the sea wall.

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